Sunday, January 3, 2010

About the 52 Week Project

This project is derived from a variety of recent events in my life. Over the past month, I've realized that I am bored with having a day job and want to do more to learn about the fascinating world in which we live. A first step was to basically stop watching TV and switch to reading books. The process of reading led me to think more about the idea of writing.

Simultaneously - and surprisingly - after over a year of owning an iPhone and using it religiously, I stumbled upon iTunesU. Put simply, iTunesU is a massively scalable, free distribution platform for a tremendous amount of searchable, free educational content. I thought immediately of other impressive collections of educational content available for free on the internet - wikipedia, TED, Cornell's eClips, free courses from Stanford, MIT and others. The list goes on...

The idea for the 52 Week Project is simple: every week I will select and write about at least one audio or visual clip from the many sources of free educational content on the web. The only caveat? The topic has to be something about which I know almost nothing. This guarantees that I go out of my comfort zone, learn new things, expose myself to criticism, and hopefully come away with a positive experience. Here we go...


  1. go buddy! i think this is a great idea, and it'll be esp. cool if you can stick with it.. i'll be following your progress ;)

  2. Well written, well-done, great idea. Of course, this adds another deadline to your life! You'll be so smart by the time 2011 rolls around. I will follow the 52 week project. It was hard enough for me to figure out how to Post a Comment!-- CK